Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Comic Strip 1.0 Build 08

Comic Strip

Another day, another build of Comic Strip. Ah.

The main change between this and the previous version is that it can extract the comic location from files given the right parameters. I also added some advanced options to the Add/Edit Comic dialog, so you don’t have to edit your comic list manually to add them. Lastly, I fixed the Author Notes problem present in the last build.

Be warned that the program will seem unresponsive when traversing long periods of time, or when downloading comics, so it’s not recommended for a slow internet connection. Also, remember to back up your comic list before installing because it will be reset when you install.

So, try out The Wotch and El Goonish Shive (the two example comics that use location extraction) and send any bugs to my email address (markkeyb@gmail.com).

Comic Strip home page
Comic Strip download page
Build 08 home page

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