Sunday, January 17, 2016

Gibraltar Installer 1.0 Build 07 has been released

Gibraltar Installer 1.0 Build 07 is now up on my website!

Now, the program side of this version has been ready since 2012. ^^; As with last time, I’d completely forgotten about this release, until I had to actually build an installer in 2014 (for Flash Card). I then promptly forgot about it again until a year later, when I fixed up the documentation and added some new files. And now, here we are, and it’s finally done!

Build 07 is mainly a fit-and-finish build, which adds small features, tweaks visuals, and fixes bugs. New features include a new “/path” argument that allows you to enter a path from the command line, a “Save log file” button on the debug window for when you run with the “/d” argument, and support for both long (e.g. “/debug”) and dashed (e.g. “-d” and “—debug”) arguments. “Required” sections now appear greyed out in the section selection page, and several bugs have been fixed.

Documentation has also been improved. I’ve added a guide on how to create a Self-Extracting Archive for your Gibraltar project, and the Annotated guides have been fixed of embarressing spelling mistakes. ^^;

Lastly, I’ve also added two Notepad++ syntax highlighting plugins – one for the config file, and one for the language file – so that your Gibraltar script looks much nicer (and easier to read, too!)

Gibraltar Installer home page
Gibraltar Installer download page
What's new in Build 07

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