Thursday, September 13, 2012

Project Nelson 1.0 Build 020 Update 1 is coming

Well, It's been two years since the last update to Project Nelson. There have been a few reasons why that is, but the main, I think, might be that the plan for Build 021 was too ambitious to do all at once.

I’d originally planned to fix the flaws I’d found in Build 020 in Build 021, but leaving the major flaws and bugs in Build 020 unfixed for any longer is just not right. So, I’m announcing that an intern version of Project Nelson, dubbed Update 1, will be released this month. I’ve been working on this update for the last few months, and I hope it will satisfy many issues with the current version. Not all bugs will be fixed in this update, but the majority of major issues will, including a problem with Project Nelson that causes it to crash on first start on some systems, and a few UAC-related issues.

Software Updater 1.1 will also be released alongside it. With this version, the update checker now runs on a schedule, rather than only on first start, and now checks the minimum system requirements before presenting an update. It also has a refreshed interface that, I hope you’ll agree, looks a lot better than before.

Project Nelson 1.0 Build 020 Update 1 will be released later this month, and I’ll have some more information about the future of Project Nelson beyond Update 1 later on as well. Until then, see you!