Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Corkboard 1.0 Build 03 and Gibraltar 1.0 Build 05

OK, basically I’ve just remembered there’s a bunch of stuff I forgot to upload! ^^;

So, anyway…

Corkboard 1.0 Build 03

For those who don’t know what Corkboard is, the way I envisioned it is a digital version of your fridge or (yes) corkboard – reminders, phone numbers, schedules ect. I plan to also include messaging, calendar/scheduling and gaming capabilities, but for now we just hove post-it style notes.

This build basically fixes a bunch of bugs, including a few to do with Vista, and also allows deleting notes.

Corkboard home page 
Corkboard download page
Build 03 readme
Build 03 changelog


Gibraltar 1.0 Build 05

Gibraltar is an easily configurable and flexible installer – in fact, I use it for all my programs.

It originally started life as Project Nelson’s setup program, but I thought it’d be much better as a general-purpose installer.

Build 05 fixes some bugs, and also outputs a log file, which is viewable by using the /d command line switch.

Gibraltar home page 
Gibraltar download page
Build 05 readme
Build 05 changelog

I also hope to release Comic Strip 1.0 Build 09 within the week.


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